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Welcome to our website where you will find information about Sredets and surrounding villagesAlso now Properties in England.

 We will endeavour to bring you all the latest news and events as we get them.

In addition to the above you will also be able to find information on shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation for rent.

There is a property section that you can go to if you are thinking of buying either as a New Home or an investment.

We employ both English and Bulgarian staff and have a team of builders, electricians and plumbers to Renovate your older property or build you a new home.

We also have professional associates to advise you with Mortgages, Legal Advice and Currency.

If you need help or advice please CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your query.


Legendary Heavyweight Boxer Muhammad Ali Dies Aged 74
Legendary US boxer Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday. Ali, who is widely considered the best heavyweight boxer of all times, was admitted to hospital on Thursday with a respiratory illness, complicated by Parkinson's disease. The funeral will take place at his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Ali, who was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay...
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Burgas Becomes Fourth Bulgarian City to Ban Wearing of Face-Covering Veils
The Black Sea city of Burgas became the fourth Bulgarian city to ban the wearing in public places of garments that completely or partially conceal the face. At a meeting of the municipal council on Wednesday, 34 councilors voted in favour, seven abstained and only one was against, daily Dnevnik informs. The ban also prohibits the wearing of religious garments and symbols of denominations...
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Bulgaria's MPs Revoke Ban on Beach Camping

Lawmakers in Bulgaria have approved a proposal by the biggest party GERB that overturns a recently introduced ban » Find more

A Farting Passenger Forced a Plane to Make an Emergency Landing

Pilot launched an emergency landing after an argument between passengers because one of them refused to stop farting, reported New York Post.

Two Dutch citizens sitting next to the farting passenger have asked the man to stop but he refused and continued to do so on the board of the plane of the low-cost airline Transavia Airlines from Dubai to Amsterdam.

The crew members of the airline did not help the passengers after they complained, which led to a fight between the men. Despite the pilot's warning, the quarrel continued and that forced him to land the aircraft at an extraordinary distance from the airport in Vienna.

The police boarded the plane after landing and brought two women and two men whom the pilot said to have caused the argument.

Women who are sisters and who have been taken out of the airplane are now suing the airline, claiming they were not involved in the quarrel. 25-year-old law student Nora Lachab called taking them of the plane "humiliating."

All four passengers were released from the police arrest without being charged. But everyone was forbidden to fly in the future with Transavia Airlines.

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A 88-year-old Veteran Overcame Thugs with Knives

A 88-year-old veteran beat a gang of five bandits with knives and saved a young woman in London, writes Daily Mail.

John Nixon interferes when he sees several men attacking a lady. The former SAS veteran ("Special Air Service") said that his "instincts and training" were then "triggered".

The elderly man turned on his karate skills, crushing one of the criminals in the neck before the others escaped. The elderly man got knife wounds in his head and hands.

"My initial idea was to distract them from the girl screaming. I screamed for them to leave, but they turned to me, saying they would take my money, which I said would not happen. Children of this age are proud and inflated, so they did not expect the surprise, "says Nixon at the hospital

The 88-year-old has been involved in intelligence missions in countries such as Egypt, Korea and Germany. During the Korean War he fought an elite part as a commando.

"I'm shot at my leg and I'm even bitten by a snake as the poison in my knee for years. I've been close to death so many times that such a situation does not bother me at all, "says the grandfather-veteran

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Sofia Residents Protesting Against Overdevelopment

Residents of the Mladost and Drujba districts will protest today against overdevelopment in Sofia and the changes in the municipality's development plan, the channel on Bulgaria on Air reported. The demonstration will take place at 4 pm before the parliament, where today a discussion will be held on a draft report for the second vote on the amendments to the Law on the Structure and Construction of the Sofia Municipality.

Sofia citizens are concerned that if the changes are made, the quality of life will deteriorate in Sofia, and the small gardens in the spaces will disappear.

"We would like to express our disagreement with the draft law on the Law on Urban Landscape Protection, according to which the protection of the green areas in the whole of Sofia is dropped, and we are also opposed to the high-rise area where there will be no clear rules for landscaping, intensity, density, trafficking and public discussion, "the protesters explain.

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200 European Human Rights Organizations Protest in Hungary

More than 200 European human rights organizations protest against the new laws proposed by the Hungarian Parliament aimed at limiting the work of NGOs helping refugees in the country, reports Bgnes.

"We express our solidarity with civil society and all human rights defenders in Hungary - the brave people who are fighting for a more honest society," reads part of the open letter signed by the organizations and published by the German branch of Amnesty International ".

Today, we are going to discuss legislative changes that will impose new restrictions on non-governmental organizations in the country. It is expected that many of them will even be banned. According to the bills published last week on Parliament's website, these organizations will be required to pay a 25% tax on all their foreign funding, and their workers will be banned from accessing refugee centers near the country's borders.

The affected NGOs will also have to register with the Ministry of the Interior, which in turn will have the right to impose fines or deny them the right to work legally in Hungary. But to approve the changes, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government needs a two-thirds majority, which is not currently in parliament.

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Campaign for Student Candidates has Began at Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski"

The submission of applications for the Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski" started yesterday, BNT reported. This year, Alma Mater has eight new specialties, including Computer Engineering and African Studies in English. Only 5 out of a total of 117 majors can not be entered with the grades after the 12th grade.

For the first Candidate-student session applications for exams are submitted from today until March 9th. For the second - from today to May 18. These applications may be filed at the Rectorate, at the offices of specialized companies in the country or online.

Prof. Reneta Bozhankova, Deputy Rector of the University of Sofia: "I already have interim data so far - there have been 30 applications to take part in the candidate-student exams, 10 people have applied online."

The first exam session this year will take place on Sundays from March 18th to April 22nd, and the second on Saturdays and Sundays from May 27th to June 24th. 112 majors at the university use end of high school exam grades as an entry standard. Only 5 do not. These are Journalism, Public Relations, Law, Pharmacy, and Medicine. For the time being, however, this year there will be zero medicine accession.

Eight new specialties will take place this year in Alma Mater - among them "Computer Engineering" and "African Studies" in English. The first major examinations on the Bulgarian language and Bulgarian history are on 18 March and 1 April. Since last year, these tests have been put into use.

New specialties

"Communication Management"

"Philosophy" in English

"Computer Engineering"

"Public Information Sciences"

"African Studies" in English

"History and Foreign Language"

"Teacher of Natural Sciences"

"Geography and English"

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UK's Top Hobbies


What do people in Great Britain do during their free time? Well, some of the top English hobbies might be rather familiar to you, while others… seem a little strange.


Reading: Surprisingly or not, but reading seems to come on top of any UK statistical survey there is! It seems that British people still have time for the all-time favourite past time of humans throughout history, even though we are accused more and more often of giving up on books.


Sports: Whether they will be playing or watching, but the Brits are very much into sports. Of course, football is the most popular, but traditional British sports such as Cricket, Rugby and Badminton also hold sway. Netball often ranks in the top 10 most followed sports, even though few outside of the Commonwealth have actually heard about it.


Gambling: Online gambling has become one of the favourite ways to blow off steam in Great Britain. UK bingo is very popular, but it would seem that people are also very fond of UK online slots due to their simplicity. The easier, the better – or so they say.


Computers: Whether it would be for gaming or programming, but people in the UK are growing more and more attached to their computers. Of course, this is much more common for men, while women still seem to prefer socialising face-to-face.


Television: Watching television is still one of the top past-time activities after a hard day at work, and I am sure most of you would be able to sympathize – but can it really be called a hobby? However, it would seem that some of the leading British TV shows actually inspire a lot of people to take up new hobbies in real life. Examples include The Great British Bake Off, Antiques Roadshow, X Factor, and The Great British Suing Bee.


Gardening: Having a respectable garden is a must, and it is considered a very stress-relieving past time. In Britain, this is also an important household task. It is often thought that it has the same effect on the psyche as fishing.


Collecting: This might sound a little vague, but in reality, a lot of people have a collector's passion burning in them – which often results in whole rooms filled with Teddy Bears! In Great Britain, however, stamps are by far the most famed item to hoard. The prices at some of the public auctions can get ridiculous!


And Some Very British Hobbies: Most of the hobbies above might strike close to heart for you, but you will be surprised by some of the other things that Brits choose to do in their free time. Bird watching is all the rave, but knitting and jam-making are also held in high regard. Meanwhile, more and more people turn their attention to building models, sometimes with rather impressive results. In fact, model trains are so popular that there was a plan to build a 71-mile-long model line in Scotland – perhaps for the convenience of small woodland creatures?


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How to Become A Pilot of Airbus A320, The Story of a Young Bulgarian

Vasil Dimitrov is a young Bulgarian pilot who started his professional career as early as 19 years.

For 5 years Vasil was a co-pilot of the Airbus A320 passenger airplane.

He has almost 5000 flying hours, which ranks him among the youngest civil aviatiors in Bulgaria.

In an interview with Vesti.bg, he explains that he always dreamed of flying. When he was 16, he already had a amateur pilot license.

"In 2012. one of the largest airlines in Germany organized pilot training and then offered work. A total of 550 candidates fought for 4 vacant positions. I was lucky to be among them and I was the only foreigner, "24-year-old Vasil told Silvia Pribilovska for Vesti.bg.

His first passenger flight is from Vienna to Zurich.

"The flight went without any stress. I felt prepared and extremely satisfied, "says the pilot.

Vasil Dimitrov has been working in Germany for 4 years, after which he decides to return home and joins the team of the national carrier Bulgaria Air.

"It is nice to work in a Bulgarian airline. Here I go home almost every day.  I'm close to my family and relatives, and this thing can not be bought with money, "he said.

The pilot believes that Bulgaria is still being modernized in some professions and aviation is one of them. That is why it is good for young people to study abroad, work there and then return and continue to develop professionally in their homeland.

"The most important thing is for a person to like what he does and will not work for a day of his life, so I feel!", Vasil said.

The next goal of the Bulgarian pilot is to become a commander.

In his spare time he also likes to fly, but with small aircraft. His idea is one day to become an instructor to train people from the beginning.

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BGN 2,325 are Needed to Support a 4-member Family

BGN 2,325 are the necessary funds to support a 4-member household, including two parents and two children. This is the data of the Institute for Social and Trade Unions (CIS) for the fourth quarter of 2017, according to BGNES.

With these funds, it is possible to cover the cost of food, housing, health care, education, transport and rest compared to the average Bulgarian standards. The average cost per person of a 4-member household is BGN 581.31.

In the capital the necessary means of life for a 4-member family is BGN 3023.64. On average, to one person of this type of household, the cost of living is 755.91 BGN and exceeds the average for the country by 30%.

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The Ancient Egypt Museum in Cairo Shows the "Screaming Mummy"

The "screaming mummy" is displayed at the Ancient Egypt Museum in Cairo.

It is considered to be the son of one of the Egyptian pharaohs who was executed for plotting to murder her father. The mummy is known as the "unknown person E", and its external appearance shows that this person has died in torment - the face is wrinkled, and the mouth open as if frozen in a moment of crying or groaning. This exhibit is not part of the permanent exhibition of the museum.

According to DNA analysis, the mummy is one of the sons of Pharaoh Ramses III, who ruled Egypt between 1186 and 1155 BC. It's about Pentavar, who was sentenced to death by hanging, as he was preparing a plot to murder his father. The conspiracy is documented in an ancient papyrus, according to which Pentavar was in agreement with his mother, Taye, the second wife of Ramses III. It is unclear whether the plot succeeded, but there are indications that the pharaoh had been stabbed with a knife in the neck.

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Avalanche Buried Ten People in Switzerland

Ten people were buried by an avalanche in Switzerland on Sunday.

The incident occurred at 2500 meters above sea level in the Swiss canton of Vale, local police reported. In the words of the police spokesman, the incident took place in the Feno area near the French border. A search has been started, but for now there is no data on their fate.

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